So what could you expect when you come for a session? While I obviously can't guarantee every session will be exactly like this, I will attempt to give you an idea of what may happen.

I will describe the place first of all. I work Roundwood Osteopathy Clinic . Inside there is a washroom, with a room adjacent. In it are two comfortable chairs and a coffee table . Here we will talk about what brought you to this place, your background, family, past and present difficulties, and hopes for the future. It can be an anxious time when we first meet, and there may be a hundred things you want to know, or just as possible; your mind may go blank. I encourage you to write down anything you may want to ask, or say, so that you have a reminder if you need it. I will do my best to put you at your ease.

The first session is where we meet each other, and assessment happens (on both sides). Good therapy happens when there is a good "fit" between therapist and client. Many factors combine for this to happen, and generally there is a sense by the end of the session as to whether or not we will continue. There is absolutely no pressure to decide at that point, sometimes assessment may happen over a few weeks, and you are always encouraged to express any uncertainty or difficulty. The work is often informed by the feelings that arise between the therapist and client, and can be extremely useful in facilitating deeper exploration of earlier relationships.

At all times, I will be listening and focussing on you and your process. This means I keep the work at the level and intensity that you need, as opposed to having an agenda of my own. In my experience, it has been the authenticity and realness of the person that has affected me more than professional skills. I know there is a need for proficiency, but a good therapist will not depend on theories, or need to be rigid within a framework. I believe once experience and practice has allowed integration of a skill, then the personalities of the two people become the pivotal experience.

Different people are looking for different things. I see my work as that described by Alice Miller, as the "Enlightened Witness". I offer you the time and safety to explore issues that may have been holding you in a painful and difficult place for months or possibly years. I offer myself as another person, another traveller, no better or worse than the next person, but someone who has had their own journey take them to some deeply painful places. As a result, I have chosen to work in this field, and am greatly humbled by the trust and hard work I see my clients undertaking each day.

Some people may feel able to connect fully with their body straight away, others take a few weeks, still others never want to work that way. Body work is simply the practice of bringing the attention inwards and allowing the body to tune in on what it's feeling, and allowing the process to emerge. When the person feels safe enough to trust the process, very often the sensations and awareness in the present, lead back to earlier experiences. Encouragement to follow that thread, and support and guidance in the process, enables the expression of previously repressed emotions that can be the cause of many somatic symptoms, and behaviours that are not wanted.

This is really just a very brief overview of the approach you can expect from me when we meet. I have worked with many symptoms, such as trauma, depression, anxiety, phobias, sleeplessness, asthma, relationship problems, post traumatic stress disorder, childhood abuse, and pre and peri-natal issues. Less defined, are the crises that occur without any apparent outside factors. Many times people come saying their life is very good, good job, great family, nice house etc., yet inside they feel empty, or in pain, and they feel bad , as though they "should" be grateful for all that they have. My perception is that sometimes, life has to be secure enough, for us to go through the crisis, and be open to transformation as a result.

If you have any questions, or would like to find out more, you can email, telephone or arrange a session for face to face work. Skype is available for overseas clients, and as well as weekly sessions, intensives (a group of sessions held over 2 to 5 days) can also be arranged, where accommodation can be found in a local hotel or B+B, and sessions can be organised according the individual requirements.